Thanks to our experienced staff, we are able to offer the most efficient comprehensive solutions in the IT industry.

We manage our clients’ IT projects in a customized fashion: given their specific needs, we create technology solutions to help them reach their business goals.

As per the best market practices, our Project Managers (PM) and Project Leaders design, develop, manage and deploy comprehensive solutions to fulfill our customers’ specific needs.

In addition, we apply ISO and PMO methodologies to guarantee that set goals are fulfilled in terms of functionality and quality and within the allotted timeframe at all times.

This, together with the process tracking and measurement functions, make up a “systemic approach,” with resource integration as the overriding philosophy.

The program recognizes the importance of “extending quality” across the organization, rather than sticking to a static concept at the organization’s top levels.

The principles and instruments that ISO 9000:2008 standards are based upon guarantee this “excellence management” methodology, focusing on clients’ needs, in a well-balanced context of productivity and profitability, as well as social responsibility.

We offer support and technical assistance for:

  • Comprehensive IT project management.
  • Technology integration solutions and tailored developments.
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) tools and software deployment. We are an HP Software Business Partner.
  • Task automation.
  • Platform and network monitoring.
  • Server monitoring, operating system and app support and assistance.
  • Database back-up, mass storage and management.
  • Provision of qualified staff and resources.
  • Customer/user training.