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Help Desk

The usual market practice define the service level based on response times. At Megatech we are focused on incident resolution: we care about providing the best end-user experience, that’s why we have developed Contact Center solutions based on customer satisfaction requirements.

As an external support partner, we know how to help our clients improve their value delivery chain. We not only perform dashboard reporting with results for different indicators (FCR/SPL, TMO, etc.) but we also deliver proactive and quantitative management analysis that considers: Repetitive incidents, Process deviations, Improvement proposals, Action plans and Measurements of customer satisfaction.

As a tool, the Help Desk can include:

  • End-to-end multivendor product support.
  • Support for proprietary and standard applications.
  • Contact and resolution channels with reliable remote access.
  • Countrywide coverage 24/7/365.
  • Implementation and application of best market practices (ISO, COPC, ITIL and PMO).

Remote assistance

A solution that extends the life-cycle of our clients’ pool of assets, it allows them to assist users from a specialized operational channel of the Contact Center and to address incidents remotely in a highly qualified, safe and centralized environment.

This, together with the process tracking and measurement functions, make up a “systemic approach,” with resource integration as the overriding philosophy.

From this operational channel we offer remote support for different types of devices such as PCs, peripherals, printers, PDAs, mobile devices, among others, as well as user profiles (mobiles, landlines, VIPs, etc).

This solution’s portfolio also includes:

  • Inventory management and control
  • Asset maintenance
  • Driver updates, software/patches distribution
  • Creation of user accounts, password maintenance and resetting
  • Antivirus console maintenance and control
  • Self-management tool deployment