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As from 1997, we have provided service coverage and technical support in several locations within the country. Initially, we were requested coverage in the capitals of provinces where manufacturer Okidata had an installed equipment base at the head office and branches of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP, formerly DGI).

The Network is the result of a thorough analysis that assessed both the technical requirements and the geographical coverage needed by manufacturers and corporate clients. This allowed us to enhance the technical capacity and infrastructure of the various service centers, with a clear business focus.

Thus, we supported the various requirements, including customer service, remote and on-site support in the different locations.

Each Service Center provides local coverage, with knowledge of the region-specific characteristics. We track and monitor incident administration and management using the Management System.

There is a unique management model across the organization, ensuring consistent quality for customer service, tracking and control, in addition to the coordination duties linked to regional-level field support under the same standards and procedures.

Through the Network we are able to provide different types of services and to support various requirements, including customer service and on-site support in branch offices, end-user homes or corporations, servicing, service support, installations, maintenance, remote hands management, computer base migration, etc.

Our Authorized Service Centers boast various abilities and skills, are manufacturer-certified and provide assistance to the corporate sector as well as suppliers and end users in various specialized fields, with specific certifications in all cases.